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We Can Deliver to Your Home.

One of the many services we offer to you is quality firewood delivered to your home. Don't settle for that firewood sold on the side of the road. We sell southern oak, some of the best wood available. Or if you prefer, we have other woods available.

"I purchased two pallets of firewood from Woodland and wanted to let you know that it is the best wood we have gotten in the last three + years. I have always respected your company when I hired you for tree work.  It is nice to see your quality carries over to other services you offer."
January 2013

For more information on firewood, see Terran's Tree Tip on Firewood Facts.

To have firewood delivered or for more information, please see additional information below or email Lindsey or call her at (901) 309-6779.

We Can Provide it For Your Restaurant.

A number of area restaurants use our quality firewood including:

  • Carrabba's
  • Corky's
  • Hog and Hominy 
  • Rendezvous 
  • Le Chardonnay  
  • Germantown Commissary 
  • Amerigo's 
  • J. Alexander's 
  • Elwood Café  
  • Spindini

We Can Offer You Special Pricing to Sell in your Retail Store.

We can offer to you the same seasoned oak firewood in bundles - packaged and ready for sale at your business. Hickory and pecan also available.

Firewood Racks

  • Small - $75 - (Price for firewood rack ONLY. Wood not included.)
    • 2ft wide x 4ft tall
    • Holds 1/2 pallet
  • Medium - $100 -  (Price for firewood rack ONLY. Wood not included.)
    • 4ft wide x 4ft tall
    • Holds 1 pallet
  • Large - $150 -  (Price for firewood rack ONLY. Wood not included.)
    • 8ft wide x 4ft tall
    • Holds 2 pallets

Please call (901) 309-6779 to place your order.

See our Firewood Products!

  • Firewood being processed
  • Firewood being processed
  • We have tons of firewood
  • We have tons of firewood
  • We have tons of firewood
  • firewood closeup
  • firewood closeup
  • Firewood Delivery
  • Firewood Delivery
  • Firewood Delivery
  • Firewood Racks
  • Firewood Racks
  • Firewood Racks
  • Firewood Rack at Retail Location


How to Build and Start a Fire in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Check to confirm that the damper (the movable vent above the fireplace) is open.
  2. Take some newspaper and roll them into 4-5 tight tubes and put them on the fireplace grate. 
  3. Lay some kindling (Woodland sells kindling too!) on top of the newspaper rolls.
  4. Now put a couple of pieces of seasoned firewood lengthwise over the kindling and newspapers.
  5. Add another piece of seasoned firewood on top going the alternate direction.
  6. Strike a match and light the newspapers in several places.
Enjoy your fire!


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Firewood

Question: Is a pallet of wood comparable to a cord or half a cord?
Answer: We don’t measure it by the cord. It is 110-120 pieces. Each piece is 18"-20” long stacked on a 4x4 pallet and shrink wrapped.

Question: How tall is the pallet?
Answer:  A pallet is 4x4x4. There are photos below if you would like to take a look.

Question: How much is a pallet?
Answer: $85 if you would like to pick it up, $105 if you would like it delivered.

Question: What do I need to do to pick my up my firewood?
Answer: Give us a call at (901) 309-6779 ahead of time so we can make sure someone is available to load up and make sure your truck or vehicle will be able to hold the 4x4 pallet. If not you might have to stack the wood into your truck. Our firewood is located at 1831 Titus Road (across from Sams on Getwell) and can be picked up with notice Monday – Saturday from 8AM-5PM.

Question: What type of payment do you accept?
Answer: Credit Cards. All credit cards will be processed the day before delivery.

Delivery Fees/Policies 

  • 1 pallet - $105
  • 2 pallets - $210
  • 3 pallets - $300
  • 4 pallets - $380
  • 5 pallets - $475
  • 6 pallets - $570
  • 2 pallet minimum for Eads, Arlington, Lakeland, Southaven, and Olive Branch
  • If you live outside of Shelby County in an area not listed above, please call for exact delivery pricing - (901) 309-6779

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