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Why Green is not Always Good

Ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed a sad day in the world of Tennessee Forestry, but a day we knew was going to happen at some point. Last week it was reported by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture that Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) had been discovered near a truck stop in Knoxville. The most likely reason it has shown up here was the transportation of infected firewood from an area where EAB was on the back of a truck, the trucker had to stop to use the facilities, the insects came out of the... Read More
at Dec 27

Are Your Leaves being Eaten?

Over the past few weeks our office has had several calls about caterpillars chewing up local oak trees. Many of our clients have had small trees defoliated almost overnight and large trees have been defoliated within a few weeks. These caterpillars have damaged the trees, and made a mess of patios, driveways, and swimming pools. The culprit is the Yellowneck Caterpillar. Read More
at Dec 27

Are Your Plants & Trees Healthy?

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