Terran's Tips

Are My Trees Healthy?

The most common reason tree owners call us is concern that something is wrong with their tree. Well, that’s really the motivation to call us in the first place. We hear it all the time: “What is that bug?” “I think my dog may have gotten sick in my mulch.” “Why are there holes in my azalea leaves?” “I love my sweetgum, but I hate the gumballs.” “I don’t think my tree is feeling well.” “My tree looks sick.” “The bark on my tree is coming off.” Other issues may be that some of the leaves are discolored, a branch has died, or perhaps the entire tree has been dropping leaves when it is “not supposed to”. Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times the problem is more complex—with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years. Unfortunately, there are instances in which the problem has gone undetected for so long that the tree cannot be helped, and the only option is removal. If an arborist had been called earlier, perhaps the tree could have been saved.

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