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Are Your Trees and Shrubs Bugged?

This month's Tree Tip was written and researched by Britt Hubbard, Director of Plant Health Care and ISA Certified Arborist #SO-5792A. He may be contacted directly via email with questions concerning this article or any tree and shrub issues.

Are Your Trees and Shrubs Bugged by Pests or Disease?

Trees and shrubs are valuable long-term assets that deserve and require long-term care. Nutrient deficiencies, improper cultural practices, recurring pest and disease issues, and new pest and disease issues can damage trees and shrubs, reduce aesthetics, create safety issues, and result in plant mortality. When trees and woody ornamentals die, removal and replacement can be costly. At times, it can be difficult to find a matching replacement or in the case of mature trees, not feasible to replace with another mature tree.

With trees and shrubs, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. It is important to have an annual program in place to maintain the health of trees and shrubs and protect them from damage. At Woodland Tree Service, we have a Plant Health Care (PHC) program to address issues affecting trees and shrubs and to maintain aesthetics and protect the investment you have in your home and landscape.

Our Plant Health Care Program Overview

mulitiple issuesOur PHC program is designed as a proactive, long-term, environmentally sensitive, and cost-effective plant health care program for the home landscape. Goals for the PHC program are to maintain the level of aesthetics and vitality your home landscape deserves in an effort to maintain the safety, beauty, and property value. The PHC program includes an initial evaluation of trees and woody ornamentals by an ISA Certified Arborist, a five-step fertilization and pest control plan implemented by a highly trained technician, and monitoring of trees and shrubs throughout the year. The program is customized for each landscape to meet the homeowner’s expectations and tailored to meet the needs of the specific trees and shrubs on the property. An overview of our five-step program is below:

1. Early Spring → Pesticide treatment to control insects and disease; tree and shrub Deep Root Fertilization to maintain health and vigor; tree injections to control pest and disease; gumball reduction.

2. Late Spring → Pesticide treatment to control insects and disease; continued tree and shrub Deep Root Fertilization to maintain health and vigor; tree injections to control pest and disease

3. Summer → Pesticide treatment to control insects and disease; tree injections to control pest and disease

4. Fall → Pesticide treatment to control insects and disease; fall tree and shrub Deep Root Fertilization to maintain health and vigor; tree injections for pest and disease

5. Winter → Dormant Oil treatment to control overwintering insects; continued fall/winter tree and shrub Deep Root Fertilization to maintain health and vigor; tree and woody ornamental soil drench for pest and disease control




Why Use Woodland Tree Service?

sprayAll of our inspections and treatments are performed by an ISA Certified Arborist who is educated in the biology of trees and shrubs, life cycles of insects and diseases, and know how to best address these issues. Our Plant Health Care Technicians are able to quickly asses your trees and shrubs, and make educated decisions on how to best manage your plants using the most effective and environmentally safe products. We use state of the art equipment and best products available allowing us to quickly, safely, and effectively care for your trees and shrubs.

We limit the amount of spray treatments through a targeted approach; this allows us to get effective control while using fewer chemicals on your property. The timing of treatments is crucial to effectively manage pest population while minimizing the use of chemicals. Our experts are always available via phone or e-mail to handle your questions and concerns.

As professionals who care for trees and shrubs, Woodland Tree Service is committed to providing services that preserve the vitality, safety, health, and appearance of the trees and shrubs in your landscape.

If you would like to speak with one of our arborist concerning Plant Health Care for your trees and shrubs or other tree related issues, please call (901) 309-6779 or email us at info@woodlandtree.com and set a meeting with our arborists today.

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