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How to Plant a Tree

There are many times when trees must be removed, that is the nature of our business. Removal maybe required due to disease; consequences of storm damage, improper placement many years ago or potential damage to driveways, foundations, and walkways. When that happens many times clients want a tree to replace the loss, and when I visit clients on a daily basis there are many questions that are asked regularly. When is the best time to plant trees, is a very common and popular question. The answer is the Winter time. In the Memphis area our climate is very mild and we experience a year round growing season. Certainly Spring time is more active than the Winter but we do see root expansion year round. Also consider the increase in rainfall and lower evaporation rates in the Winter time, this all equates to a lower failure rate. Any transplanted or nursery grown tree experiences shock when it is planted in its final location. Normally there is a loss of 65-85% of the feeder root system, the Winter time makes this trauma much more tolerable to the tree. Please visit this link for more detailed planting information.
I strongly encourage the planting of trees for many reasons. Primarily the benefit to our environment as a whole (absorption of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen). 
Secondly the monetary value to your personal property. Is is proven that wooden lots can increase the value of a home by 25% or more, they also decrease energy consumption at your home and provide noise absorption. A classic example is the Chickasaw Gardens area after the storm in 2003. There was a sharp decrease in the property values for the areas which experience the most damage and tree loss.

Please also keep in mind the sentimental value of a tree. They are great gifts for any reason any holiday, anniversaries, birthdays or the birth or a child, graduations and so forth. These are timeless gifts that grow with you every year. Please give us a call today for pricing.

Posted by Mark Allen at 15:08
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