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Low Impact Lot Clearing

As Memphis continues to grow Eastward many homeowners and builders are choosing larger wooded lots for their home sites. In fact, many new developments are upwards of 4 acres per home and this can cause a maintenance issue when we are trying to have a natural yet maintained look on our properties. Mulching head units are the perfect answer for this situation. This type of service can provide a clean look while leaving all organic material in place thus reducing erosion risk and the need for expensive debris hauling and disposal costs.

Other valuable benefits include:

  1. invasive species control (vines, sweet gum, privet etc.)
  2. low ground pressure does not compact soil
  3. selective sapping removal eliminates competition for the desirable tree species
  4. removal of small stumps while mulching any debris on forest floor
  5. can cut 1-2 inches below grade with out destroying feeder roots system
    of other trees

If this is a service that interests you please feel free to give us a call and set up a time for a certified arborist to perform a site evaluation a determine what your needs may be. Remember this is great service for any wooded areas including: churches, hunting camps, parks and common areas or anywhere that a traditional mower can not handle.

Please email joanna@woodlandtree.com for this service or any of your other tree servicing needs.

Posted by Mark Allen at 14:28
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